Discounts %

Our company sells new and bu parts for premium cars at low affordable prices since 2001. Spare parts are in stock and on order with delivery anywhere in the world. There dismantling cars / used parts come in to offer customers only the perfect quality and in excellent condition. Discount on all parts for premium cars are for regular customers and wholesale buyers.

We only work with reliable suppliers and dealers of well-known brands - Bentley, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maybach, and others. The discount on spare parts of all brands, as well as guarantee is valid all year round. After ordering any parts on the company's website, the manager will contact you at the contact numbers for 20 minutes and discuss all the details.

For our customers a number of advantages.

We are always mindful of each of its clients - the online store, service center or call us at contact phone number. We offer retail customers:

  • Delivery within Russia and CIS prepaid.
  • Permanent service to our customers is carried out by the Russian Federation without payment up to 50 000 rubles.
  • Air shipping from Europe from 3 to 3 days.
  • Rare items on rare cars up to 3 months, is discussed individually.

For wholesale buyers who have their own retail auto parts store or service stations we offer discounts for monthly purchases:

  • When purchasing goods from 25,000 pounds a month or more - 10% discount
  • By purchasing products to 40,000 pounds a month or more - 15% discount
  • And those who take parts in our company in the amount of 60,000 pounds each month and more - 20% discount

This will help you keep your business in a safe position to benefit from the cooperation with us and attract more customers to your shop or auto repair.

Regular customers also have to be surprised. We have been working for over 10 years and in all that time have built up a precise scheme of relationships with all our clients. Each regular customer or client service center receives a cumulative discount on parts and perform all types of maintenance of the vehicle.

Discount on all work at the service center of the company and the purchase of spare parts in the Russian Federation:

  • of 3,000 pounds or more - 3%
  • of 8,000 pounds or more - 5%
  • of 15,000 pounds or more - 7%

Tip: if you want to benefit from its retail, save on your monthly maintenance of their cars in a large taxi pool or always have the necessary detail to hand in his garage, then contact our company. Accumulate discounts and get real profit!